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About Us


Faris Lee provides a multidisciplinary approach that includes investment banking, capital arrangement and advisory services. Whether at the single asset or portfolio level, Faris Lee is skilled in every aspect of the retail investment transaction.

Decades of collective experience and an investigative approach to underwriting allow us to uncover the hidden value of a property. We combine this with a forward-looking strategy to identify the drivers for full investment potential.

Our collaborative and uniquely creative culture sets the industry standard in retail investment and provides the best in client service.

About X-Team

Faris Lee Investments is now a strategic partner with X Team Retail Advisors, an integrated retail advisory and brokerage organization consisting of  40 member firms, representing 40 markets across North America, and composed of more than 350 professionals.

By joining X Team, Faris Lee Investments becomes part of a platform for sharing client relationships, industry insights, critical property level intelligence and local market knowledge. With members in most major markets in the United States and Canada, clients of X Team are able to benefit from a unique combination of international scope and extensive local expertise.

Faris Lee will partner to integrate and leverage X Team’s national platform, and local market expertise of tenant representation and landlord leasing, as well as investment sales.

“The depth, skill, and experience of its member firms, and senior leadership, as well as the strategic North American footprint of the network, distinguishes X Team as one of the largest, most comprehensive, and diversified retail real estate service organizations in the country.  This is an exciting opportunity to leverage our collective, retail expertise and provide comprehensive solutions to the market and our clients,” Rick Chichester, President and CEO, Faris Lee Investments.

About X Team Retail Advisors: X Team Retail Advisors is an integrated platform of retail real estate specialists that offers coverage in major markets across the United States and Canada. X Team partners average more than 20 years of industry experience specializing in tenant, property and developer/landlord representation, property dispositions and retail investments. X Team serves as a resource for its partners through leveraging relationships and industry insights, while providing clients with a unique combination of national scope and local market knowledge. For more information, please visit



Corporate Book

At Faris Lee we never treat real estate like a commodity. Retail, in particular, is uniquely complex. It is decidedly tenant and location-driven. We establish a collaborative and highly creative culture to set the industry standard in retail investment and client service. Whether advising on a single asset or large portfolio, Faris Lee brings top-level expertise to every aspect of the transaction, providing our clients with strategy, execution, and results that are unmatched by any other retail-specialized group in the nation.




join our team

If you’re ready to join an organization committed to your success, consider a role with Faris Lee Investments. We are a broad organization with opportunities in brokerage, advisory services, financial analysis, real estate underwriting and capital strategies. We offer an exciting place to begin or further your career, backed by our reputation as a high-level leadership firm that can accelerate your success.

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One Team, One Company

Faris Lee works together, collaborating across our entire platform to provide exceptional investment advisory services. All business is distributed and shared throughout the company, drawing upon enterprise-wide intellect, financial expertise, business and property level strategies, and creativity. When you hire us, you get the whole company.


Core Values

These tenets define us personally and professionally


  • The moral character to do what is right


  • Care and concern for the welfare and success of others


  • Committed to personal, professional, and organizational growth and development


  • Willingly accept responsibility for our actions



How we work is as important as the results we deliver. To that end, we live and work by these ideals:

  • The client’s best interest is our highest objective
  • We share openly and completely for the benefit of our clients and each other
  • We treat people with integrity, dignity and respect
  • We are committed to the success of our clients, each other, and Faris Lee Investments
  • We are committed to excellence in all that we do

THE FARIS LEE PROMISE: to protect, enhance and create value


  • We focus on our clients’ objectives
  • We’re strategic
  • We engage our entire team to examine all possibilities
  • We focus on what’s been overlooked
  • We stay engaged


We see what others don’t


Faris Lee works together as one integrated team on behalf of our clients, with a commitment to centralized resources and insights. Our enterprise-wide culture involves senior retail investment experts that work in tandem with our entire broker platform. We see possibilities and opportunities from every angle, and we use this knowledge to accelerate decision making and mitigate risk.


We go beyond traditional market analysis to provide “street-level” intelligence. We believe in a predictive analytical model that relies on real-time information and lead indicators rather than lagging historic performance. Our research includes financial lead indicators that drive the value equation, retail lead indicators that drive consumer and demographic trends, and real estate lead indicators that are tenant driven. We engineer markets, transform potential and enhance value by keeping our clients one step ahead of the competition.


Our go-to-market strategy is uniquely crafted for each client to best position the asset and unlock hidden investment value. We start at the street level and work up to assess the true potential of assets (property profit), look beyond traditional value structures to optimize value (financial profit), and drive our messaging beyond awareness to identify and the elimination of buyer hurdles (marketing profit). We resolve the complexities inherent in retail investment, accelerate the transaction process, provide certainty of closing and maximize value.

Our History

We’ve Always Been Different

Faris Lee was founded in 1996 on the premise that there was a place in the industry for a firm with a commitment to openness, transparency and the willingness to share ideas. We believed that a multidisciplinary approach would yield superior results. An atmosphere of continual self-improvement was a key objective, as was behaving with the highest level of integrity in all client interactions. Even our approach to staffing was innovative: We didn’t necessarily hire for retail real estate experience, but rather for the quality of the person.

The passing of nearly 25 years has confirmed our business model. We continue to rely on forward thinking, market expertise, collaborative teamwork and creative insight to deliver outstanding value. Faris Lee has become one of the leading retail real estate advisory firms nationwide. Our transactional experience spans billions of dollars and thousands of deals, and we’re proud to say we have the industry’s highest closing percentage.

Why Faris Lee

we see what others don’t

Every real estate asset has a unique past, present and future. This core belief forms our investigative yet forward-looking approach to maximizing value.

Retail investments are inherently complex, and we resolve this through a series of in-depth, street-level profit analyses: Property Profit, Financial Profit and Marketing Profit. Each shapes our go-to-market strategy for every transaction.

After establishing a solid understanding at the property level, we apply predictive analytics based on real time information and lead indicators. These include financial lead indicators, real estate lead indicators and retail lead indicators.

Faris Lee combines research that exceeds industry standard with a precise marketing strategy to transform investment potential, enhance value and keep our clients one step ahead of the competition.


One Team, One Company

When You Hire Us, You Get the Whole Company

Faris Lee operates as one integrated team working together on behalf of our clients. Senior retail investment experts collaborate with our entire broker platform and support team, allowing us to manage market competitiveness through centralized resources and insights. We use our collective vision to see possibilities, opportunities and risk from every angle.

Our Senior Investment Advisory Committee specializes in identifying a property’s potential and working to demonstrate existing and future value to prospective buyers. We create a customized strategy for each assignment and hand-select a Faris Lee Resource Center support team to fit the needs of the property and the client. The result? Best-in-class service.

The Resource Center provides in-depth research, analytics, graphic design and marketing. In addition to annually underwriting over $1 billion in retail properties, the Resource Center analyzes goals and return requirements, acquisition and disposition strategies, and debt and equity arrangements for high net worth clients.

Unlocking Hidden Value

a proven approach

Property Profit – Optimizing Operational Performance

Faris Lee uncovers the hidden value in retail properties by finding what others have overlooked. We begin with an in-depth operational overview based on due diligence that includes everything from the physical structure to the specifics of all tenants and leases. This analysis forms the basis by which we advise on the optimal operating income of the property. We couple this with an evaluation of market dynamics and their effect on the property in order to determine the maximum property profit.

Financial Profit – Financial Engineering to Maximize Value

When analyzing the capital structure of a deal for our clients, we look for the best solutions to reduce risk and increase yield. We consider all options to mitigate the impact of the debt market on the investment, both today and in the future, thus increasing return and maximizing financial profit.

Marketing Profit – Branding and Positioning Establish Value

We rely on the key strengths of an asset to best position it in the market. The asset is then strategically introduced to investors to create awareness. At the same time, we define the asset’s unique value in order to drive understanding and dissolve objections. The market is now predisposed to act, often with multiple offers, and the result is faster conversion. The momentum of our marketing strategy compresses transaction time and creates marketing profit for the investor.