Ingrid Vallon

Marketing Manager

Ingrid Vallon is Marketing Manager at Faris Lee Investments. She is driven, innovative, and a marketing enthusiast, always striving to bring new marketing techniques and channels to the forefront.

At Faris Lee, Ingrid is responsible for all the corporate and transaction marketing at the company. She oversees all marketing initiatives, including graphic design, email marketing, advertising and print concepts, public relations, web management, SEO, social media, and trade show concepts and coordination.

Ingrid brings 10+ years of experience in Commercial Real Estate marketing. Before joining Faris Lee Investments, Ingrid served as a Marketing Manager for Landmark Capital in Newport Beach, California, where she implemented corporate and transaction marketing strategies to grow brand awareness, increasing social media outreach by 75% and open rate by 10% above industry average. Before that, she held various marketing roles at Sabal Financial Group, LP, Passco Companies, and a variety of different marketing agencies.

Ingrid holds a B.A. in Marketing with an emphasis on International Business from ESC Rennes, France.