Enzo Headshot

Enzo Jiannalone

Financial Analyst

As a Financial Analyst at Faris Lee Investments, Enzo Jiannalone focuses on supporting our teams led by Jeff Conover, Scott DeYoung, Don McLennan and Shaun Riley. Enzo assists in offering complex financial underwriting and analytical services to clients located throughout the United States. He is a pivotal component for the strategic positioning and valuation of assets, orchestrating the entire process from start to finish. 

Prior to joining Faris Lee Investments, Enzo worked with a Retail Leasing Consultant and at Matthews Real Estate Investments. As a Leasing Assistant, Enzo led critical initiatives that were pivotal in optimizing tenant relationships, maximizing property performance, and ensuring the visionary alignment of the retail experience. He helped managed four lifestyle center developments throughout the Western Pacific garnering over 2 million in revenue for his clients. During his tenure with the Matthews, Enzo was an associate and would drive business success by blending analytical prowess and proactive sale strategies, aiming to identify growth opportunities and foster relationships.

Enzo graduated from The University of California Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s Degree in Economics. During college, he worked for a startup where he was responsible for brand estabishment, marketing strategy execution, and user experience enhancement. Enzo grew up in Orinda, California, a suburb of San Francisco, and now lives in Costa Mesa. In his freetime you can find Enzo with family and friends at the beach, golf course or basketball courts.