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Judy Phan

Financial Analyst

As a Financial Analyst at Faris Lee Investments, Judy specializes in the underwriting and valuation of commercial real estate investments, with a focus on retail properties. She conducts comprehensive financial analyses to guide investment strategies, leveraging her expertise in financial modeling, market research, and risk assessment. Collaborating with senior leadership, Judy identifies lucrative opportunities and addresses potential challenges in the ever-evolving commercial real estate landscape. Working closely with brokers and stakeholders, she streamlines financial processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Judy's dynamic role goes beyond traditional financial functions, playing a pivotal part in shaping the strategic direction of Faris Lee Investments.

Before joining Faris Lee Investments, Judy held a dynamic role at Property Markets Group (PMG) in Miami, Florida. In this unique position, she collaborated across PMG's Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Asset Management, and Construction Management teams, actively shaping the financial landscape of high-profile projects. Judy participated in pivotal meetings with private equity firms, general contractors, engineers, brokers, and other stakeholders, integral to deal negotiation and project execution. Her responsibilities included conducting detailed market analyses for multifamily developments like Society Brooklyn and Society Nashville, offering valuable insights into diverse markets. Noteworthy projects, such as the transformative Society Biscayne to the Elser Hotel and Residences conversion, featuring 49 stories, 600 units, and $235 million in refinancing, showcased her financial acumen. Judy also navigated major projects like the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residences Miami, an 800,000 SF, 360-unit, 100-story development valued at $426 million. This rich experience highlights Judy's versatile expertise and effective contributions across various dimensions of the real estate industry.

Judy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate Finance from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. During her undergraduate studies, she actively engaged in industry-focused activities such as the Cal Poly Real Estate Club and Urban Land Institute (ULI) competitions, demonstrating a proactive commitment to industry engagement early in her academic journey. Passionate about impacting the real estate sector, Judy envisions a future of continued education, staying ahead of industry innovations and contributing meaningfully post-graduation. Outside of work, she finds joy in coastal retreats, practicing yoga and pilates, and cherishing quality time with friends.