Client Perspective: “Faris Lee is a Different Breed of Broker”


Joe Goveia, Owner, GCRE

Sustaining relationships over time is critical to brokerage success. Long-time Faris Lee client, Joe Goveia, Owner of Goveia Commercial Real Estate (GCRE), tells us what he values most and how Faris Lee has helped him to successfully develop and acquire over 3.5 million square feet of real estate with several significant projects currently under development.
Here is more of what Joe has to say:
Faris Lee and GCRE have a long history that spans nearly two decades. Our very first deal was an extremely complicated one that entailed four transactions coming out of a construction loan and then closing all permanent loans simultaneously. Creativity and drive to get deals done have been consistent qualities of the firm over the years, and the reason for our continuing relationship. On all of our tougher deals we definitely look to Faris Lee first and they have proven themselves time and again.
On our most recent and extremely complicated $56 million transaction for Plaza El Paseo in Rancho Santa Margarita, Rick Chichester, Nicholas Coo, Chris DePierro,Scott DeYoung and Dennis Vaccaro all worked together with us for another stellar outcome.
Ultimately, Faris Lee is a different breed of broker. They are experts who can do more than one thing. If a task or deal doesn’t fit in one box, they think out of the box to make it work. As a smaller developer with a variety of needs, Faris Lee’s biggest attribute is that I don’t get put into a corporate machine and spit out the other side, which some of the large firms do with clients. We can get ahold of them, they respond, they get answers quickly and the feedback from my staff who works with them daily when a transaction is taking place is always positive. I have had nothing but good experiences with them.


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