Faris Lee Investments Successfully Facilitates Closing of US Gain Clean Fuel in Santa Ana, CA for $950,000

Santa Ana, CA - May 17, 2023 - Faris Lee Investments, a leading retail advisory and investment sales firm, recently announced the successful closing of a US Gain Clean Fuel in Santa Ana, CA for $950,000. The transaction was completed with a cap rate of 4.92% and covered a land area of 20,000 square feet.

The property, which consisted of a low ground rent and CPI increase with no caps, provided a safe hedge against inflation for the buyer. Faris Lee Investments represented the Orange County-based seller in the disposition of the bite-sized 10-year absolute triple net (NNN) ground lease.

As part of the marketing strategy, Faris Lee Investments focused on marketing to local and national principals, investors, and small family offices, with particular emphasis on those who owned similar assets in Southern California. The asset was marketed as the lowest-priced 10-year absolute NNN lease in SoCal during the time of marketing, with a strong emphasis on the low cost per square foot on land value and the recent Phase 1 conducted on the site.

The results of the marketing campaign were impressive, generating a total of 13 offers. The winning bid was an all-cash offer with a cap rate of 4.92%, and the transaction closed in a quick 21-day escrow.

About Faris Lee Investments:
Faris Lee Investments is a retail brokerage advisory firm founded in 1996 and is based in Irvine, California. The firm specializes in commercial real estate investment sales, brokerage, and advisory services. In addition, the firm provides a national marketing platform of properties for sale, asset appraisal, property valuation, debt structuring, negotiation, market research, and analysis services. Faris Lee combines underwriting and research that exceeds industry standards with a marketing strategy to transform investment potential, enhance value and provide their clients the competitive advantage needed when making investment decisions. The firm also serves as institutional advisors in the areas of acquisitions and dispositions, merchant banking, distressed asset disposition, private equity, and corporate sale-leaseback. For more information, visit www.farislee.com


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