Three Questions with Shaun Riley, Senior Managing Director, Faris Lee Investments

What economic trends are you watching?
There is ongoing volatility in financial, materials, and energy sectors this year, plus we’re experiencing meager economic growth abroad leading to negative interest rates. Investors lack confidence in alternative investments outside of retail property. In the past such uncertainty may have had a negative effect on this property sector, but the retail property investment market is continuing to be a preferred investment target for both institutional and private investors.
Why does retail property remain a strong investment option?
There are a number of factors that make retail property a preferred investment, including: stable consumer confidence, strong real estate fundamentals, favorable yield, and attractive financing income growth.
What advice are you giving investors today?
Challenges for the retail investment market always exist, but bottom line fundamentals and reasons for investing are still providing the rationale investors require for the foreseeable future.


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